AO Guidelines & Waivers


It’s very important to us that all players remain safe while playing on our property or during any events. Please see below for more information regarding our available waivers including information regarding minors. If you have any questions, please use the contact form in our navigation above. We will usually get back in touch with you within 48 hours. We have tried to provide our documentation in multiple formats so they can be viewed by anyone, but if you have any issues please let us know.

By default, our documents are in PDF format. This will require a reader such as Adobe Reader, Sumatra, or Foxit Reader to be installed on your PC. If you have a format that you’d like us to provide, just let us know and we’ll work on it! Please note that changes may be made without notice, such as requirements of new protective gear (i.e. mouth guards) depending on the event. Please familiarize yourself without any large event before showing up, or ask us questions directly on Facebook to make sure you’re ready.


Waiver Portal
If you’re over the age of 18 and need to fill out a waiver, please visit our Waiver Portal to fill out a waiver digitally. If you’d like to process a waiver manually, feel free to print off one below and sign it.


Airsoft Outlaws Regulations
This document covers all of the rules and regulations that must be followed when playing with The Airsoft Outlaws or Airsoft Corps. It covers many things such as abuse, fees, registration, waiver requirements, eye protection, device requirements, and much more. You must read and familiarize yourself with our regulations before joining or playing in any of our events. There is no signature required on this document, however if you’re a repeat offender of our regulations you may be asked to leave or banned from all future events.


Waiver for Adults
This is a basic waiver and release of liability agreement for adults (18+) that play in any of our events. This is required and must be signed prior to any event we hold. Please bring the signed copy with you to our events and provide it to one of our staff members. If you’re unable to print a copy, please let us know and we can have a copy ready for you.


Waiver for Minors
This is a similar waiver and release of liability like the the document above, however this is designed for any minor participants (13-17). This document covers the extra guidelines and requires parental approval and signature. Like all waivers, please provide the signed copy to our staff upon event arrival. If you’re younger than 13, but would still like to play please contact us directly for more information. We generally require full-time supervision by an adult for all players under 13. We also host events more directly focused on younger audiences.


Outlaw Level System
Outlaw Command has issued approval for OUTLAW LEVEL rocker tabs and a new GOLD LEVEL Senior patch. To help determine how these levels are obtained, please refer to the official Outlaw Level chart. The minimum criteria includes out of state ops and events called DEPLOYMENTS, in state ops and official trigger days called MISSIONS, special events (e.g., banquets, Race for the Cure, GameStop, work days, etc.) called ASSIGNMENTS, and consecutive YEARS of membership.



The Process
To request an Outlaw level rocker or a Senior level patch, submit a completed Outlaw Level Review form to Aaron COPPERAUTIS Howard. The member’s documentation will be reviewed by no less than two Command staff members before being submitted to Tim STRYKER Smith for final approval. If requested, it is the member’s responsibility to provide their own research to substantiate claims of attendance or participation.

Rockers and patches can be awarded approximately once every six months. Once a member receives his approval and rocker/patch, it is their responsibility to retain their approval record. This record may be submitted with their next request for an Outlaw Level Review. Only supporting evidence for dates beyond the previous approval would be needed, if this record is retained.


Some requirements can be waived by Command, on a case-by-case basis, based on a member’s military experience. Any questions or details about replacing requirements based on military experience must be addressed to Tim STRYKER Smith. Please contact us or see our Outlaws Facebook page for more information, documentations, and sheets regarding our Outlaw level system.